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. 7.27.2008

the ultimate

The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins is a delusion in itself as Dawkins himself has brain washed himself throughout his life by what he sees in the media about religion and other prejudices that God does not exist. You never hear him talk about the fact that the majority of criminals in this world don't believe in God. If they did then they would not do what they do. 90% of criminals that are in jail go to jail not believing in God and 40 - 50% if not more end up finding God whilst in jail. So whether there is religion and God or not people will still bomb and kill other people. I mean come on! Are we that blind to believe that religion causes evil and problems considering that all religions claim that God does not like the people that transgress limits and murder and kill and steal and ..... whatever else that is wrong that you can think about.

Dawkins is pretty much talking to the world as if the religious people are a bunch of ingorant animals. As if we won't question the fact that there are a lot of criminals that don't believe in God and are criminals becuase there is no fear of being punished by God. They can do what they want as long as the law doesn't find them. Well the punishment of the law is like a holiday in paradise compared to the punishment that God will inflict on the evil people whether they are God fearing or not for eternity. Having faith in God and perfoming evil acts does not mean that you will not be punished for what you do in this world.

If people where practising their religion properly there would not be enough time to go to war and fight and blow things up.

There is a man by the name of Harun Yahya who is more than the opposite of Dawkins. This man has written extensivly and proven there is a God and that the universe we live in was created. Where you want to take it from here is up to you, the reader; but I promise you that it left no doubt whatsoever in my mind that there is a Creator and even if it doesn't do the same to you it will cause you to think about it properly with all the facts laid out in front of you.

He uses scientific fact, history, evolution, athiesm and anything else that you can think of and everything that people use to try and prove God does not exist he uses against them to prove the opposite that God does in fact exist.

What also makes him more legit than Dawkins is that he does all this in his own time and not for money as clearly Dawkins does. If Dawkins truly believed what he was saying in his books then he would make them available for free to everyone. He would also look at the argument from both sides and do his research properly.

One thing I have learned is that people like Dawkins are afraid of facing punishment. They know the truth and are afraid to admit it because of what the consequences might be. "Ignorance is [definately not] bliss" in this situation. People like this are not really affraid of the fact that there is a God, but they are affraid of losing their so called freedom that most religions seem to put a limit on.

Today religion sells better than sex and that is where the money is. It is clear as rice in a white paper bag in a snow storm (ie. it's all just white and you cannot miss the white or find the black). It is in our faces everyday. Since the begining of time people believed in a God, as far as history goes.

Now that we have science in this day and age it should be easier to actually believe in God. If this world came from nothing, became a non living cell, formed into gas, exploded, the universe began, and all living creatures formed from there, then we really are a bunch of ignorant people who have no idea about anything. How ludicruos does it sound that every complicated thing that we see around us came from nothing, then randomly through chaos and disorder became ordered and became complexly structured. To many it makes more sense to go that one step further and say that God created everything and ordered it ... And yes he has given us so many signs as proof. One only needs but look for it as Yahya has done (to make it easy for us knowing how lazy the human animal can be).

You have nothing to lose by looking at Yahya's work. Not even money. But you have everything to gain. In the case of Dawkins, you have money to lose, and the rest of eternity if there is a God. God does not want us to fight wars and kill each other He says in the Quran and I am sure there are similar things in other religious texts: "O human beings, We have created you from one male and female (Adam & Eve), We have created you as different tribes and nations so that you may, know each other" (49:13).
He wants us to live in peace and worship Him. Thats it. Simple as that. I don't see the harm in that. Yet the Athiests do. This means everyone will become equal. No rich no poor etc...

Be your own judge. Choose what you want to read from the following free books and papers, and you will find yourself reading all his books eventually. Or just watch the free movies. Each of the following topics has multiple books, papers and movies. Choose the title of the book or movie that you are interested in and go from there.

Atheism Refuted
Darwinism Refuted
Design In Nature
Design In The Universe
The Myth Called Matter

Remember there is nothing to lose and everything to gain, and if you don't gain faith then you will gain some knowledge in science and history, and moral ethics.

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